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For an appointment with Dr. Tanya Laidlaw or Dr. Kathleen Buchheit at the AERD Center, or to learn more about AERD/Samter’s Triad or aspirin desensitization, click here or contact our AERD Physician Assistant Jillian Bensko.

Jillian Bensko,PA-C
AERD Physician Assistant
(617) 525-9243

Division of Allergy and Immunology Clinics
850 Boylston Street
Suite 540
Chestnut Hill (Brookline), MA 02467
Phone: (617) 732-9850

For an appointment with Dr. Neil Bhattacharyya for evaluation of nasal polyps or chronic sinusitis, call (617) 936-6118.

BWH Division of Otolaryngology (ENT) Clinics

45 Francis Street – ASB-2
2nd Floor (Pike level/Lobby level)
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 525-6540

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