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Co-treatment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-exacerbated respiratory disease with dupilumab and aspirin therapy after desensitization

In this study, we evaluated 22 patients with AERD who were treated with dupilumab for 3 months, and 8 of those patients had also undergone aspirin desensitization prior to the start of dupilumab and continued on their high-dose daily aspirin throughout the study. We found that treatment with dupilumab in patients who were also on daily aspirin therapy led to a reduction in sinonasal eosinophilic inflammation. We did not see a reduction in sinonasal eosinophilic inflammation in the patients who were only on dupilumab without the additional daily aspirin therapy. Conversely, we saw that patients who were only on the dupilumab did develop a significant increase in the eosinophil levels in their blood, but for the patients who were on daily aspirin therapy and then started dupilumab treatment, there was no significant change in their blood eosinophil levels after starting dupilumab. Both daily aspirin therapy after aspirin desensitization, and dupilumab therapy, have been important treatments for patients with AERD, and further studies may be needed to fully understand how these two treatment options work together. Read more here.

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