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Pediatric-onset aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease: Clinical characteristics, prevalence, and response to dupilumab

AERD is generally recognized as an adult-onset disease, however; the prevalence of AERD in pediatric patients is not well defined. In May 2022 we described a series of 6 pediatric patients with AERD, and their childhood AERD symptoms were almost identical to those in adults with AERD. In our AERD registry we found that more than 6% of the patients report that their AERD symptoms started before 18 years of age and noted that females tend to develop AERD earlier than males, and that developing AERD as a child is more common for girls than for boys.  Additionally, all 6 adolescent patients in this series had severe enough disease symptoms that they were prescribed dupilumab as a treatment option, and all of them had good responses to dupilumab with improvements in both asthma and sinus symptoms. Therefore, we recommend that for adolescents with poorly controlled symptoms of AERD the potential benefit of treatment with dupilumab should be considered. Read more here .

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