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Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease: Association Between Patient Reported Sinus and Asthma Morbidity

We studied the patient-reported symptoms (SNOT-22 scores and ACT scores) and lung function (FEV1) of 1065 patients with AERD in our AERD Patient Registry. SNOT-22 scores significantly predict ACT scores and FEV1%, and ACT scores significantly predict FEV1%. Any ten-point increase in SNOT-22 was associated with a 0.87-point decrease in ACT and a 0.75% decrease in FEV1%. Any one-point increase in ACT was associated with a 1.0% increase in FEV1%. The most severe SNOT-22 symptoms were sense of smell/taste and blockage/congestion of nose. This study demonstrates an association between patient-reported rhinosinusitis and asthma symptom severity and subjective and objective measures of asthma severity, and confirms that the two symptoms that generally are the both bothersome to our patients are loss of smell and nasal congestion. Read here.

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