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A retrospective analysis of bronchiectasis in patients with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease

Bronchiectasis is a chronic disease in which the lungs’ bronchi (airway walls) are damaged and widened. In addition to scarred bronchi, symptoms include repeated sinus infections, coughing up mucus, and difficulty breathing. There are several risk factors for bronchiectasis including chronic rhinosinusitis, both with and without polyps, and asthma. Considering that those with AERD have both conditions, the authors of this paper looked at over 700 patients with AERD and found that of the 149 who had a prior lung CT scan, 57 were found to have bronchiectasis noted on the CT scan. AERD patients with bronchiectasis tended to be older and to have had AERD for a longer duration of time. They also had higher rates of pneumonia, aspiration, and mycobacterial infection. Given the evidence presented in the paper, patients with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease and poorly controlled respiratory symptoms should be evaluated for comorbid bronchiectasis.

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